4.23 Patch Notes

1.3.Physics and Template Work 10/7/19


Example door has been extended to include a lever handle and a deadbolt with a key (key isn’t seperatable yet as I am moving on to melee for now). It has also been switched to force constraint gripping, is more stable over all, and uses the new VREPhysicsConstraintComponent.

Example gun has been extended to use the GunTools grip script now, it also has a button added to turn on/off the virtual gun stock mode.

It still retains its original custom scripting recoil in the event graph, toggles based on if the grip script exists or not.

I plan on adding two hand grip swapping to it eventually but am moving on to melee first for now.


Added VREPhysicsConstraintComponent – Initial merge

    • Supports setting drives to Force based instead of acceleration via Set Constraint To Force Based node.
    • Adds GetAngularOffset, SetAngularOffset nodes.
    • Set Angular Offset also re-bases the local poses to the new limits so it can be used without reinitializing the constraint.

More to come later from this component, I am adding it to fill in the gaps from the default component.

Changed back to using the index of the newly added grip for NotifyGrip call, this means that you can get the grip from the grip array and change properties on it on the authority side prior to it actually being initialized. 4.22 had bugged this out, seems to be working again in 4.23.

Fixed multiple stiffness issues with SetGripStiffnessAndDamping and the SetPhysicsHandleSettings nodes.

Added Twist and Swing drive settings to SetPhysicsHandleSettings node, defaults to using the Slerp drive unless it is disabled, then it falls back to the Twist/Swing setup.

Changed order of the physics handle actors so that the kinematic actor is the primary body, this lets up abuse some limits.

Fixed and extended the vr.DrawCOMDebug command to be correct again, as well as show the primary axis’s of the kinematic actor.

Added PrePhysics and PostPhysics injection spots to grip scripts so that they can modify physics settings both before, and after the drives are initialized. This will remain a c++ only accessor to prevent issues.

Began work on fleshing out the melee grip script – incomplete, do not touchy

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