Writing template

This tutorial will go over the bare minimum to get going with a flexible grip setup with the plugin. It will NOT go as in depth as the full implementation in the example template where gameplay tags and special properties are taken into account.

You can reference the template for a complex full implementation. Keeping in mind that some things are purely for template reasons, like the gameplay tag input re-mapping, something you normally would not need in a game.

The gripping system is intended to be as open and flexible as possible, to follow this central design principal, I try NOT to automate things when possible as every fully automatic step is another step where the end user loses control in the logic chain. This means that the setup to grip is generally a series of utility nodes in a logic chain that the end user defines, giving them full control over when/why/how to grip objects, but also making the setup more complicated than “grip this”.

Due to the sparcity of the grip logic pre-implementation, you are free to control grips in your character, player controller, the gripped object itself, or wherever you choose and can pull a GripMotionController reference in. This guide however will go over running grips from the Character itself.