5.2 Patch Notes

1.5.2 Migration Guide


*Important!!* (Forgot to note this originally!)

In 5.2 Epic has changed how animation assets are parsed, which caused some issues with animation assets saved from the HandSocketComponent’s animation export button. I have fixed how it saves these assets out in 4.27+, however any of them saved prior to that change need to be updated.

I Shipped a tool to do that in 4.27 and above several weeks before 5.2 launched, prior to updating your project to 5.2 you should make sure you are on the current version of your engines plugin and run that tool in ProjectSettings/VRExpansionPlugin (Pictured below)

Epic has added the Palm Pose Extension for OpenXR in 5.2
The OpenXR Palm Pose is now available as a MotionController Motion Source. This should provide a universal palm centered pose like what was originally expected from openXR at all times.

Android Settings for 5.2:

Android NDK r25b

Recommended: SDK 32

In 5.2 I have removed the OpenVRExpansion module, from this point forward all users should be on OpenXR as their default runtime.

If you for some reason want to try and slog along on openVR even though the engine itself doesn’t really support it anymore, you can pull the OpenVRExpansionModule from the 5.1 branch, it will still compile just fine in 5.2.

Also in 5.2 I have added a new character option in the VRCharacter class called “bRetainRoomscale”, if true (currently its default) the VRCharacter keeps all logic exactly as it has been all this time. However when set to false the character no longer fully implements roomscale inside of itself, instead it moves the root component with the headset motion and keeps the camera component rooted to 0,0 X/Y. This works much like the SimpleVRCharacter but better in pretty much every way.

You can use default AI controller classes, PlayerSpawns, Teleport logic, ect with the new character method, it will act exactly like a std character except with tracked devices driving it. I have thought about doing this for a long time but finally after delving into just how many actually use (very few) the roomscale portion of the VRCharacter decided to go forward with it. Eventually should it prove stable (it should be more stable) and usersĀ  don’t need the roomscale setup, it will be both turned on by default, and eventually the only option.

Because of this the SimpleVRCharacter is on its way out, at some point in 5.2 it will be marked for deprecation and likely in 5.3 will be removed entirely.

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