5.4 Patch Notes

1.Initial 5.4 Patch Notes

Plugin Changes:

*Edit* I had forgotten to make a change I intended to release 5.4 with. The bRetainRoomscale variable for the character has been set to false by default now. This is the new locomotion mode that doesn’t keep the HMD’s offset within the actors relative space. Any older projects porting to 5.4 should likely make this variable inside of the character true again at least until they have tested what changes.

Plugin has been switched over to be fully Push Networking compliant ( it is also technically able to be used with Iris if you let it compile the structures for the packets).

*Note* This is a huuuuge change / overhaul and people will need to keep an eye out for issues caused by it.

The EuroLowPassFilter’s have been converted to double precision pulling in some changes I talked over with Stilton0502. This fixes some issues with UE5 and its new double precision effecting how the low pass was running.

Client corrections now not only teleport grips right away but also flag them for the next frame.

Fixed an issue with Constraint Drive Structs (used in melee and physics prop grip scripts) not correctly taking the engines chaos scalers into account when filling out values.


Example Changes:

SetTrackingOrigin has been changed to “Stage” instead of “Floor” to account for Epics changes.

Melee values have been slightly rebalanced again (still not ideal).

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